Food documentaries that will change your life

In case you didn’t know, I love food and making recipes but what I’ve eaten and my thoughts around what I choose to eat have changes a ton in the past few years. That is all thanks to watching food documentaries. I highly recommend watching, whether you make any changes to your current diet is completely up to you, but I think knowledge is incredibly powerful and if anything, you’ll learn something. Here are 5 food documentaries that will change your life!


1. What the Health

This documentary follows Kip Anderson as he dives into the food industry and health industry to see what’s really happening. It promotes a plant based diet and the health benefits of it. Primarily though it showcases the environmental effects + health risks that are occuring due to the food industry and how that can affect your health. To be honest, I stopped eating meat after watching this documentary and made me look at everything I ate differently.

Available on Netflix


2. The Biggest Little Farm

This documentary may be the most beautiful one on the list. It follows a couple who start a fully self sustaining farm in Los Angeles (which I totally hope to visit one day). The documentary inspires you to want to eat real food and start a garden. But also, it shows how the circle of life works and what’s missing in most agriculture today.

Available on Google Play or Amazon


3. The Game Changers

This documentary follows James Wilks as he explores the health and life benefits of eating a plant based diet all through the eyes of elite athletes, specials ops + doctors. I don’t follow a strict plant based diet, although I mostly do, but this one definitely makes me want to go all in!

Available on Netflix


4. Sustainable

Sustainable follows a farmer, Marty Travis, as he explores a more sustainable way to farm and increase profits for his business. As well as help improve fellow local farmers in Chicago by creating more sustainable farming practices and working with local restaurants. What I loved was seeing the perspective from an actual farmer and also how much better food can be when the ingredients are grown in a more organic environment.

Available on Amazon Prime 


5. Fed Up

Fed Up is actually the first food documentary that shifting my feelings and food habits. It explores the American diet and the effects it’s having peoples health. For me the biggest take aways were on sugar and how addicting and problematic it is since it’s pretty much in everything. It also got me into learning more about flour and how to mill it myself.

Available on Youtube


If you’re interested in learning about how food effects your health, taking an inside look at the food + health industries, learning about sustainability and conscious living, these 7 food documentaries will change your life. They are beautiful and well made films that will inspire you to eat + live better.




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