Free Alicia Keys Song Graphics – now in the digital library

Not gonna lie, I still can’t get over Miss Alicia Keys playing 2 pianos AT THE SAME TIME and just slaying the Grammy’s as a host. If there’s a petition to sign that will make her the host for next year – then let me know cause I’m down to sign that! 

No but really, she truly is an amazing woman and such an inspiration! 

Since her message is always love and it’s the time of year to spread the love – heyyy Valentine’s day ? I thought it’d be fun to spread the love by way of some fun Alicia Key’s Instagram & Pinterest graphics! 

They’re now available in the digital library so login and get them now! If you haven’t signed up yet – do it!! 


Anyways, don’t forget to tell the superwoman in your life how amazing she is and that you love her! 


Until next time,



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