Fresh Carrot Juice Shots

Shots, shots, shots, shots, everybody… shots, shots, shots, shots!! (Anyone else blast out/party to LMFAO?!) I’m definitely a juicer person, especially when I get over my laziness and actually make the juice. And fresh carrot juice shots are one of my favorites. More and more, I’m getting into the habit of drinking some type of juice at least once a week… (again, it’s more my laziness of actually juicing than it is wanting to drink haha). Although, I may complain/share openly about my juicing laziness, it’s actually quite easy to make, plus drinking them from a shot glass just makes it feel like you’re having a health party! Here’s how you make fresh carrot juice shots! 



5-6 whole carrots 



*not an ingredient, but you need one!

How to make:


Start by peeling the carrots + washing them. Then cut the carrots in half or thirds. 

Fill a bowl halfway with water and place the cut carrots inside. Then fill the rest with water to cover the carrots. (Make sure it doesn’t spill over!) Leave in fridge overnight (or for a few days if you forget). 

Using the juicer of your choice, add carrots in and juice. Pour into your favorite shot glass (totally optional), then drink up + enjoy!

LEAVE A COMMENT! Are you in favor of the shots or are you a regular glass person?

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