Getting Started Online & How To Import A DIVI Layout

Taking the first step to getting your business online can feel overwhelming, stressful, confusing and so much more. The truth is, it is hard, but my hopes for this post is to ease your stress and get you going in the right direction. You’ll learn what you need to get started online and how to import a divi layout so you can get a stunning online destination right from the start.

Disclosure: Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links. Although I highly recommed and personally use the products mentioned in this post, if you choose to click the link(s) and make a purchase, I will receive an affilate commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you in advance, I truly appreciate your support! 

Let’s start by getting you a domain!


What’s a domain? Think of it as the name of your new home online. It should be the name of your business or an version of your business name. This is the name that will be typed in search forms and seen before the .com

For domain names, I use It’s super simple to use, they have great customer service and pricing is amazing! Most domains start around $10/yr.

Next step, hosting!

What’s hosting? If a domain is the name of your home, hosting is the land the home is built on. You pay rent to keep the land maintained, secured and dedicated for your home. Your web hosting service provides you space on a server that keeps your files and allows you to be on the internet.  

For hosting, I use and recommend Again, similar to namecheap, it’s easy to navigate, customer service is top notch, and you can start at $3.95/month. Depending on your plan, you can also add other domains, create multiple sites, and get free email.

If you’re using Bluehost, you can install WordPress in just a few steps. Just go to your dashboard > install wordpress > choose domain > get credentials > DONE! 

Finally, the DIVI theme!


What’s the DIVI theme?

DIVI is the ultimate wordpress theme created by It’s an amazing theme that is super easy to build and customize, not only for “tech” people for everyone. It’s not only beautiful, but powerful as well. This is what you need to add your new DIVI layout. Pricing for DIVI is very simple, and starts with a yearly plan for $89 or a one time payment of $249. You can use the theme as many times as you’d like and you have access to the other elegantthemes plugins and themes.

You can purchase the DIVI theme here!

Once you purchase your theme, it will automatically download to your computer. Install your theme to WordPress by going to:

WordPress dashboard > appearance > themes > add new theme > upload new > *choose DIVI theme* > activate theme. 

Now you’re ready to import your new layout!


  1. Create page you want to upload your new layout in WP dashboard > update new page info > view page >  click enable visual builder
  2. Once visual builder is selected, click the (…) purple circle at the bottom of page > choose the button with the arrows pointing up and down
5. Choose import and then choose the file

6. Press Import DIVI builder layout

7. Importing layout may take a few minutes, so don’t freak out. It will refresh with the new layout.

8. Review any missing code or make any changes that didn’t transfer over (read below)

A few things to note when importing a layout. There are certain features that will have to be manually added or changed, depending on the layout being imported. You will have add your logo, create the pages and corresponding menu (about, services, etc), transfer over or rewrite your own blog posts, reconfigure the footer design and corresponding widgets, as well as add any additional coding. In some instances, the coding stays, but not always and not in every needed section.

For a 1-page layout website, check out these links for further assistance:

1. Create a 1-page DIVI website with anchorlinks 

2.  Add slim opt-in email form 

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I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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