How To Add A Flodesk Form To Shopify

In todays video tutorial I’ll be going over how to add a Flodesk form to Shopify so you can collect email and grow your list. I’ve recently switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk and needed to do this for my own shop, so I thought I’d share how to do it. This video is fairly quick and simply but I do recommend that you create a backup of your Shopify site just in case. You can also follow step by step instructions below.

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What is flodesk?

If you haven’t heard of Flodesk before, here’s a little information. Flodesk is an email marketing platform that offers a powerful system with beautifully designed emails. It’s super simple to set up and work with so you can have your emails look like a pro! If you want to sign up, you can get 50% off your subscription here.


Watch the video for How To Add A Flodesk Form To Shopify below:

Here are the steps to add a Flodesk Form to Shopify:

1. Create your form in Flodesk by going to Forms -> New Form and design to your liking. (You can also use an existing form)

2. When you’re at the Embed Code page on Flodesk, you’ll first click ‘Copy’ on the Header Code. 

3. On your Shopify store dashboard, go to Online Store -> Themes 

4. Here you’ll see your ‘Live Theme’ and then click Actions > Edit Code 

5. When you’re on the code page, go to Layout > Theme.Liquid (layout should be the first section on the left and theme.liquid should be the 3rd option from top. 

6. Scroll down until you see </head> 

7. Then right ABOVE </head>, paste your header code from Flodesk

8. Click save then exit

9. Now back on the Shopify theme page, click Customize

10. On the left click ‘Add Section’ > ‘Custom Custom’ > Add Content > Custom HTML 

11. On Flodesk copy the Inline Code

12. Paste the Inline Code into the Custom HTML section in Shopify

13. Adjust container width to 100%, click Save, delete other content (there’s typically default content) and delete heading (unless needed) on Shopify

14. Click save and then refresh your page. 

15. Your new form will now be live!


** Sometimes the form won’t show up when you’re on the backend of Shopify making edits. Just make sure you save and refresh and it should be there! 



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