How To Add An Email Signature To Gmail

In todays video tutorial I’ll be going over how to add an email signature to Gmail – don’t worry, it’s pretty quick & painless. I recently designed & released some really cool email signatures in the shop (feel free to check out all the collections here) and now I wanted to show you how to actually use them!

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This video will go over how to add the email signature, upload the image and also how to add a link to your email signature within Google. That way, if anyone clicks on it, it can send them to your website or desired link. You can add any email signature as long as it’s in a JPG or PNG format. But whether you purchase one of my email signatures or design your own in Adobe XD or Canva, you should have no problem adding it into your gmail. Get ready to have your email signature look damn good! 😉


Watch the video for how to add an email signature to gmail below:


Step by Step Guide for how to add an email signature to gmail below:

1. On your gmail account go to the ‘Settings’ option (gear icon on the upper right corner)

2. Click then click ‘All settings’

3. Scroll down until you see ‘Signature’ 

4. Click ‘Create New’ then select inside the box.

5. After Click the Image Icon and Choose Upload Image

6. Once uploaded, you’ll see the signature appear

7. Highlight the image, click the ‘Link’ icon and add in your desired URL

8. Once you’re done, scroll down and hit save! 

9. You’re all done, enjoy!

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