How To Add Your Designs Into A Mockup Using Photoshop

In todays video tutorial I’m going over how to add your designs into a mockup using Photoshop. For these examples, I’ll be using the two mockups from the Made You Blush collection available in my shop. This tutorial won’t cover how to create a mockup from scratch simply because these are already set up for you to easily plug in your designs or artwork into the mockup and go.

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This will be done within Photoshop so make sure you already have that program before you continue. Even if you aren’t using one of my mockups, this should work for any photoshop mockup that uses smart objects.


Watch the video for How To Add Your Designs To A Mockup Using Photoshop below:

Here are the steps How To Add Your Designs To A Mockup Using Photoshop below:

1. Open Mockup in Photoshop

2. Double Click the Smart Object thumbnail in the lower right hand side.

3. This will open to a new tab with a blank background

4. Add your design (or artwork, photo, text, etc) into the blank background by dragging and dropping. Resize if necessary.

5. Click save and exit out tab

6. Design will now appear in mockup

7. Export by clicking File > Export

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