How To Create A Blog Sidebar Without Code on Squarespace Fluid Engine

Looking to add a sidebar to your blog on your Squarespace website but don’t want to add code or a summary block? I’ve got you! Unfortunately, Squarespace Fluid Engine’s more flexible design options haven’t been added to their blog – at least not at the moment. However, you can still use their traditional blog to build out a sidebar and customize it to fit your own needs. You can watch the video tutorial below on how to create a blog sidebar without using code on Squarespace Fluid Engine.

Here are my top tips:

1. The sidebar MUST be on the right. The reason for this is due to mobile views – if the sidebar is put on the right side, then it will appear below all your content on mobile views. If you put the sidebar on the left side though, then you’ll see the sidebar content first on mobile views – we don’t really want that.

2. Create a blog post template with the sidebar. When creating a new blog post, duplicate the template so you don’t have to build out the sidebar every time.

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Watch the video for how to create a blog sidebar without using code on Squarespace Fluid Engine below:

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