How To Create Gradients In Adobe XD

In todays video tutorial I’m going over how to create gradients in Adobe XD. If you’ve explored my site at all, you can definitely tell that I’m loving the gradient trend and the vibe that goes with it. So I’m excited to share how you can get this gradient effect within Adobe XD. I will be covering how to make both a radial gradient and a linear gradient. At the moment there isn’t a great way to blend the gradients like you can do in Photoshop, but I’ll also show you how you can kind of do it.

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what’s Adobe xd?

In case you haven’t heard about my love for Adobe XD, you can read about it here. Honestly, Adobe XD is one of my favorite new design tools and I’ve been using it for almost everything business related at this point. It was made primarily for web apps and protoyping, which is how I started. But you can also use if for social media graphics, templates, mockups, etc. If you don’t have Adobe XD, you can get it here for free! 


Watch the video for How To Create Gradients In Adobe XD below:

Here are the steps to create a gradient in adobe xd:

1. Start with a shape of your choice (text gradients aren’t currently available)

2. Once shape is selected, click the Fill Color box

3. You will see your color options here and on the top left corner there is a dropdown menu with additional options

4. Click and select either Linear Gradient or Radial Gradient

5. This will give you two options for color inputs – each represented by circles on a line

6. Outlined circle = highlighted

7. Simply add your hex color, use the eye dropper or play around with the selection tool

8. Do the same for the other color

9. You can add more color options by clicking the line and make additional adjustments by moving the line around

10. Now you’ve created a gradient! Enjoy!


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