How To Customize Our Adobe XD Blog & Social Media Templates

In todays video tutorial I’m going to show you how to customize the blog & social media templates available in our shop like the Jane collection, Cleo collection & even the Amelia opt-in bundle. All of our bundles were creating using Adobe XD (which you can download for free here!) They also have components already set up so you can quickly customize and change all 42 graphics (seriously, it takes 2 ish minutes!) This is seriously a game changer and saves so much time especially when creating blog posts and social media posts!

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There are 2 videos, including one that’s a longer form tutorial walking you step by step or the faster video of me just making updates. Both are great to help you get started and start saving you time!


Watch the video for How To Customize our Adobe XD blog & social media templates:

Here’s the quick version of how to customize our adobe xd templates:


Here are the steps to customize our blog & social media adobe XD bundles:

1. Open up your Adobe XD template

2. Rather than going to the right hand side where you see all the different sizes & layouts of each graphic, go to the left where you’ll see Components clearly labeled. 

3. Zoom in by clicking ‘command +’ on a Mac or ‘Ctrl +’ on Windows 

4. Start by going through each of the options from background colors and customizing to your liking. Double click each option to make sure it’s highlighted in blue and then go to the bottom right and update the fill color. You can use a hex color for your brand, use the color picker to choose a color from an image, etc. or by choosing a color from the color options. 

5. Once all background colors have been chosen, move to changing your text. Go through the title text, category, business name (or url), subtitle/description. You can update the font on the lower right hand side. You can change the color here as well but you don’t need to change the size. The size will be changed later if needed.

6. Move on to adding your images. Simply drag and drop your desired image into the image sections. 

7. Finally, update any of the accents by changing the color (if needed)

8. Zoom back out (‘Command -‘ on a Mac and ‘Ctrl -‘ on Windows) and see all post graphics updated to fit your new branding & content.

9. Quickly go through each of the graphics and make updated to the font sizes if needed. (This can change based on font you choose and how much text you use). Simply double click each text box on the actual graphic** and scale it to your liking or change the font size on the lower right. 

10. One they are all done, hit ‘Commant E’ or ‘Ctrl E’ or go to the upper left hand corner > File > Export > Selected or All Artboards to export. You can choose PNG or JPG. 

11. You’re done and now you have 42 graphics you can use to promote your business across different platforms! 

Want some free social media templates?

I’ve taken 9 graphics from the Jane Collection so you can test it out and get you started, so sign up to gain access to them in the digital library here  or click the button below to sign up. These include 3 pinterest, 3 instagram and 3 insta stories.  

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