how to install wordpress using bluehost

Let me guess, you’ve chosen to go with WordPress as your website platform but now you have no idea what to do next? Or are just struggling to install WordPress on your hosting? Today, I’ll be going over how to install WordPress using Bluehost.


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What exactly is Bluehost? 

Bluehost is a hosting provider. In order to install WordPress, you’ll need to use a hosting provider to make it live online. (Essentially, hosting is the neighborhood that your house will live on). Personally, I’ve used Bluehost for the last 5 years + love it. They’ve always provided helpful support + have made it easy to maintain all my websites + domains. (I have the Choice Plus Plan). If you don’t want to go with Bluehost, that’s totally fine. There are other great providers such as Siteground or Flywheel.


Do I have to install WordPress myself?

It totally depends! Some hosting platforms actually do it for you. You can definitely reach out or do your research before hand to see if your hosting provider offers that option. If not, it’s actually quite easy to install!

Watch the full video tutorial below!

Not that you know how to set up WordPress on Bluehost, you can pick your WordPress theme (I use DIVI by Elegant Themes) + start designing your website. If you’re ready to hire out, take a look + see if you’d like to work with me!

LEAVE A COMMENT! Did you find the tutorial easy to follow? What’s your go to hosting provider?


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