How To Make Stars, Flowers & Funky Shapes In Adobe XD

In todays video tutorial I’m going over how to make stars, flowers & funky shapes in Adobe XD. This has been a big trend in 2021 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it stayed for awhile. Regardless, it’s always great to know how to make these kinds of shapes within a program in case you need to. Making these shapes are actually pretty simple once you get used to it but I mostly use the star shape and then the pathfinder to make the cute little flowers. I’ve been having a lot of fun using these throughout my graphics both for social media and blog, etc so I’m sure you’ll get the most out of it! 

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what’s Adobe xd?

In case you haven’t heard about my love for Adobe XD, you can read about it here. Honestly, Adobe XD is one of my favorite new design tools and I’ve been using it for almost everything business related at this point. It was made primarily for web apps and protoyping, which is how I started. But you can also use if for social media graphics, templates, mockups, etc. If you don’t have Adobe XD, you can get it here for free!


Watch the video for How To make stars, flowers & funky shapes in Adobe XD below:

Here are the steps to make stars, flowers & funky shapes in adobe xd:


For stars & funky shapes:

1. Start with the triangle shape and size it to how you’d like

2. On the lower-ish right hand side under ‘appearance’ you’ll see a 3 options. One looks a little like a house, the middle is a curve and the last is a star shape

3. You can start playing around with the numbers for each to get the look you’re going for but I’ll explain each below:

 = how many corners you want

 = how much curve you’d like

= how indented you want it to be based on ratio

This is what I use for a star shape:

4. For funky shapes, you’ll be using the same editing tools but changing the numbers. Again, I play around with it until I get the shape I really like. 


For Flower Shapes:

1. Start with a circle shape and size to your desired size

2. Copy and past the circle 6 times

3. Start moving each around giving each a little space to it looks like a flower

4. Place the last one in the middle to cover any blank space

5. Highlight all of them and click the pathfinder tool located on the upper right hand corner. It will be the first option (highlighted below)

6. This will combine all of them so you have that flower shape. You may need to move them around a bit to space everything out correctly. 

7. Enjoy! 

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