How to make the most of your website copy

Let me take a wild guess, you spent a lot of time writing your own website copy? Or spent a lot of money hiring a copywriter to do it for you? First off, way to go! Website copy is just as crucial, if not more, than a beautiful, strategic website design. Now that you have it, it’s time to make the most of your website copy. Yes, newsflash, your website copy doesn’t only have to live on your website! (Mindblown? Good!) Here’s how you can make the most of your website copy and turn it into social media gold!

Please note, this is an exercise of #workingsmarternotharder. Which means what works will be dependant on what copy you already have on your website. So use what works for you + ignore the rest!

1. Brand bios

Your about page is full of information about you (and hopefully of those who you wish to serve). Grab the best about you snippet and use it across your social media bios like on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Also as a way to tell people in real life what you do.

2. Personal stories + fun facts

If you’ve taken the time to share a personal story, especially a transformative one, use is for social media captions + ads. This will give your potential customers a more personal connection with you.

If you have a fun facts section, you can make them individual graphics or as a #fridayintroductions post!

3. Faqs

Answer frequently asked questions on your Instagram stories, FB posts, twitter. You’ve already taken the time to answer them on your website, now make sure everyone who follows them knows the answers.

4. Testimonials

Whether you have a product or service, the goal is to have glowing testimonials or reviews. Don’t be shy, share them on your socials! (also perfect time to make a fun graphic!)

5. Product info

Take the product description and use that as a caption. Ask your audience what benefits matter most to them or what features they’re excited for the most. Not only are you engaging but getting valuable feedback as well!

6. Entire website = content inspiration.

Your website copy should be refined, clear + concise. Which means, there’s some information that you may want to elaborate on. Go through your website copy and see if there’s anything more you’d like to say. Then use that copy as captions or blog posts. Your website contains some serious gold. Now you can make the most of your website copy and work smarter, not harder.

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