Make better + more strategic decisions for your business

So you’re struggling to make decisions for your business. You can seem to make up your mind, make a solid choice or worse, making a decision without any real intention behind it? The reality is, the ability to make decisions is a crucial part of being an entrepreneur. You’ve got to make them quick + do the best you can with what you know, if not, it will keep you from moving forward. Here’s the key that’ll help you make better + more strategic decisions for your business.

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Look, bad decision making abilities? Yup, been there, done that. Way more than I’d like to admit or talk about. Honestly, there have been times when making a decision (or lack thereof) would keep me paralyzed for days or even weeks at a time. Pretty much stopping the growth or mere existence of my business. Sometimes decisions seem so everlasting + monumental that it’s easier to just not make one. For example, there were a few times when I couldn’t even decide what website platform I should use for my own website or what I should recommend to my clients… I’m a web designer, that sh*t should be easy for me. But it wasn’t. I felt the weight of my choice and it was heavy. But I knew in order to move my business forward, I had to make a decision + also stop decision making from taking weeks of my time. So how did I start making better decisions for my business (without feeling the giant weight of imminent destruction if I made the wrong one?) 

Focus on your ideal client + target market

It’s honestly a game changer! When you make the shift from making a decision based on your personal wants/needs to making a decision based on your ideal clients + target markets wants/needs, it all becomes much easier to manage. The decision becomes less personal + less heavy. It also allows you to remember what is actually important to your target market. Often times, certain decisions that hold us back aren’t actually important to them (or at least not in the way we think). 

Honestly, at the end of the day, when it came to  my design clients, they didn’t really care what I was using personally – however they did want to know what platform, whether WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc was going to be the best option for their business. They’d trust that I’d suggest the best option + create a brand + website that ultimately worked for them. Everything else didn’t matter. Putting myself in their shoes also gave me insight into what they were looking for + what they needed when it came to their brand + website. Which, in turn, helped me create better offerings + write better content for them.

You see, when you get into the mind of your target market, you find out a lot of valuable information. You learn what matters + what doesn’t, what they’re looking for, what they need + how to better serve them. That information lets you make better + more strategic decisions for you business. 

Again, I get it, decision making sucks sometimes, but it’s part of life + part of being an entrepreneur. If you’re struggling to make decisions, take a step back from your own personal wants + needs and dive deep into what your target market is looking for. Doing so will help you make better + more strategic decisions for your business. 

LEAVE A COMMENT! What was the biggest shift that happened when you started making decisions with your ideal target market in mind?



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