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Marci Angeles website redesign is live! This redesign is for my personal portfolio website under my name,! Having my own personal site along with Dragonfly Ave has always been interesting and a struggle to define what it should be. Although Dragonfly Ave is my main hub, I still like having my personal site to promote myself, my work & everything I’m doing.

The focus on this redesign was to make sure it showcased me as a web designer while clarifying that I was both available for hire via my design studio & as a member of a team. At this point in my career, I get work from both sides and it was important for me to clarify that for future projects. I kept the homepage focused on my work in a portfolio design and allowed the about page to share more about me, my skills, features, what I’m available for & some fun facts so people can get to know me.

This was also a place for me to share my other projects like Minimum Viable Websites & Techommend. I added links to these and Dragonfly Ave on the main navigation for easy access and mentioned them in my about page.

The design was simple, minimal, classic & typography based. There are still opportunities for more CEO focused content in the future, but for now, I wanted the focus to be on me as a freelance web designer and I believe I accomplished that goal. Take a look at!

If you’re interested in working with me to launch your results-driven website, you can learn more here!


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