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My personal portfolio got a redesign and I’m super excited to share it. is my personal page and is mainly for portfolio & work purposes. I want something that showcases my work, shares that I’m a freelance designer and also tells people that I run my own design studio. The goal for this re-design was to keep is simple, promote my work and make it feel like an extension of Dragonfly Ave while still being unique and working as a stand alone website.

Since I had gone through a major redesign & rebrand with Dragonfly Ave, my personal site needed to reflect that change as well and be up to date. I loved adding softer colors, fun shapes & playing with some cool CSS to make it stand out. Some of these features included parallax scroll,  an automatic background color changing footer, a custom cursor and cute cloud buttons & back to top bottom. You can visit the site here and check it out!


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