Minumum viable websites

brand identity | web design + development

Minimum Viable Websites official website launch is finally here and it’s time to celebrate! 

MVW (minimum viable websites) has been in the works for quite some time. I’ve wanted to create a website template shop for a while now but wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted it. When the idea came to simplify the process, cut through the b.s, and simply help women launch online – the 1-page website template felt perfect. All in hopes of empowering women to launch faster in order to test, market + make money.

It’s been through a ton of changes and simplifications since I started but I’m extremely proud of where it is now. The website design is mainly 1-page with only a couple extra pages like the landing page, product pages + blog page. 

It’s a simple, clean + modern design with a soft pink color palette + bright magenta for the call to action buttons. 

 I’m so excited for you to check out minimum viable websites official website launch! And if you’re interested in launching your new website, check out my design services here!


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