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Minimum Viable Websites is a online website template shop that sells landing pages, sales pages & 1 page website templates and has a mission to empower women to launch quickly and start making money.

Since Minimum Viable Websites (MVW) sells 1 page templates, it was important to keep the message and only build a 1 page website for the brand as well. So the focus was on sharing the story, connecting with the most important information, features & products for our target market in just one page.

With building the brand, I wanted something bold, vibrant, empowering & energetic. I went with neon, bold & simplistic color palette. All the neon & bold colors would be left as accents primarily for call to actions, while the rest was kept simple with blacks & soft grays. Everything else needed to be kept simple as well due to the fact that our focus is on getting shit done, launching perfect-ish and making money. The design turned out beautifully and it was fun to bring this personal project to life!



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