Mother/daughter steps challenge

This is the time of year that ‘normal’ people end up giving up on their new years resolutions. I mean, we had a good month so we’re good right? ? No but really, life starts getting in the way and we end up back in our comfort zones. BUT NOT THIS TIME!! Actually, I didn’t really set a new years resolution & haven’t changed too much this past month – but we are still going to focus on staying with our goals. For mama E & I, we ended up buying Fitness Bands that show our step count. Although, again, this isn’t new – we just hadn’t used them before. So we decided to start a friendly competition and now we’d like to challenge YOU all too.

All you need – is a buddy/partner/family member/pet (no, don’t do the pet, you’ll lose ?) & a step tracker.


It’s pretty simple. Mama E & I will be setting friendly bets and whoever gets the most steps after each week will have to make good on the bet.

So what’s the bet this week?

Week 1: Doing the dishes… ALL WEEK!

Whoever gets the most steps in throughout the week will be the winner. Whoever doesn’t must wash & unload the dishes every day. ?

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Sure hope I will! 

Results will be announced at the start of next week, along with the new bet! 

Any ideas on friendly bets my mom & I can take? Comment below! 


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