Mother’s Day Gifts from 40+ small businesses

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with Covid-19 making celebrations a bit more difficult this year, it’s going to be an interesting day to say the least. In an effort to support small business as well as give you some great Mother’s Day gift ideas, I’ve rounded up over 40+ small businesses with amazing products perfect for Mother’s Day! What I love most about this list is the array of options & businesses, from artisans to painters, jewelry brands to styling services, books to cbd. There is really something for every mother here, plus the majority of these businesses are woman owned!!! So let’s celebrate our amazing moms and support each other as well! 

Modern Mood Jewelry

Trendy fashion jewelry for everyday wear. 

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Blessed Memories Blissful Hearts

Amy is an award winning newborn & wedding photographer. She’s offering custom illustrations as a perfect Mother’s Day gift! 


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Crafts By Kelsey

A small Etsy store and my main product so far is my Mason jar cozies. This is perfect for the mother who likes to drink coffee or smoothies out of a mason jar! The cozy protects your hands from the heat or the cold of the jar. It’s a great little gift if paired with a mason jar. Fits a wide mouth pint mason jar best. Lots of colors available.

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Spenny Lane

Spenny Lane sells upcycled vintage clothes (mostly jackets, flannels, and tees made from secondhand band tees). They can do custom orders as well!

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Malabella Jewels

Malabella Jewels creates intentional gemstone jewelry that gives back. They plant a tree with every piece sold and employee local women and men to handcraft the jewels.

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Moodbeam is a conscious self-care brand that produces aromatherapy and aura mists for room and body made with organic essential oils, crystal essences, flower essences and reiki-charged to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. They are 100% toxic-free, cruelty free, sustaimable and support women-owned businesses. Their mission is to elevate your mood, raise your vibration and impact the world.

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Pink Moon

Pink Moon is a modern retail, wellcare + community oasis created by women, for women – of every life stage. Every woman has different self-care needs, and those needs will change as her life does. We embrace women, from every walk of life and every life stage, and believe every woman should have support on her ever-changing journey with self-care. Every brand we partner with is carefully chosen. Each brand is women-owned, formulated with wholesome ingredients, sustainable, cruelty-free, ethically minded, and has philanthropic initiatives.


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Because Love

Love your mother, even when you cant be near! Our BIG HUG Lap Blanket comes with personalize-able tags, you can write sweet messages or memories on and then attach to the blanket. Kids love to decorate the tags too! Its the perfect granny gift from the littles!

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Adarabella Designs

A line of functional products for anxiety and stress relief!

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Stoked on Sunshine

We make women’s graphic tees inspired by nature and adventure. We also donate 5% of net sales to nonprofits that support women and the environment. Our Plants For Pollinators tee is a favorite among moms who love to garden.

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Minimal & statement jewelry with very affordable prices.

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Modern Beast

We create contemporary toys, apparel and home goods for dogs and cats with a refined sense of adventure and their guardians with an eye for design. And the best part? 100% of MODERNBEAST’s profits go back to animals in need.

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Deity Dogs and Goods

We are deity dogs and goods! We’re a non profit small business owned by 2 women. 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go back to the rescue to help an animal in need. We hope that people around the world will contribute to our efforts by joining our tribe wearing our jewels and saving a life proceeds from purchases go back to the rescue to benefit our dogs in need of homes ? we make handcrafted jewelry and also have items for your pups as well as apparel and candles.

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Lux and Nyx

Lux and Nyx creates travel oriented bags for the woman on the go. We are dedicated to providing the rockstar women with the tools she needs to go places and make a difference. All of our products are sustainably made.

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Henna Caravan

Henna Caravan helps you celebrate your own beauty through natural henna art and other temporary body art products safe for all ages. We’ve been providing henna since 1997 and encourage our customers to feel beautiful in their own skin, connect with their inner artist, and just have fun. This year we’ve launch Faux Freckle cones which have been a hit- now is the perfect time to experiment with this safe, temporary, DIY beauty trend. Henna Caravan also offers natural herbal hair coloring and tons of free education including daily instagram live practice sessions for budding henna artists.

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Cocktail Kit + Class

Virtual mixology class, with cocktail kits being sent all over the US so you can join in with your friends & fam (whomever “mom” is to you!). They are also partnering with a small business to spread the love for their homemade cocktail syrups!

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Black Pearl Swimwear

Black Pearl Swimwear has women’s swimwear and vacaywear (or staycay for now) for moms who love sand, sun and water filled fun ?

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Flour Power

A women owned small batch bakery that specializes in bespoke treat boxes and desserts.

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We’re a product design and personal care company that just launched our first product, the Rawash! Its portable bidet that can be used anywhere, anytime 

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Bumpin Blends

Personalized pre-blended smoothie cubes designed to support your specific needs (think: headaches, energy, bloating, trouble sleeping, anxiety, etc).

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Selling unique, well-traveled decor for you and your homies. Our pillows are handmade in LA, but created from fabrics from all over the world. We just recently added gift cards to the shop, so Mom’s can get exactly what they want!

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One Hope Wine

ONEHOPE wine has gift boxes and wine for Mom to enjoy! And every bottle gives back! 

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Carnival Kicks

If your mama loves shoes, we cater to those with eclectic and funky soles lol (souls..get it!) We also have some normal colors in the mix.

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Style Meets Strategy

Ashley is an Interior designer over at Style Meets Strategy and she’s offering 25% off her services for Mother’s Day. This is a great time to focus on your home with a mini refresh and refining your space!

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Wardrobe Styling

Adjani offering wardrobe styling services- closet detox, basic consultations, wardrobe staples, and more. She’s offering a 50% discount to any nurse or healthcare worker.

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Samia Lynn is a fashion illustrator who specializes in bridal and I love creating custom illustrations. Moms LOVE it! I also have a variety of personalized prints.

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The best exfoliating lip brush for all the wonderful moms.

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Courtney Kinnare Art

Courtney Kinnare makes art and coaster sets that are  an affordable Mother’s Day gift option! 

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शक्तिवाद, a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers and employs disadvantaged women in India and beyond. We make one-of-a-kind fairtrade gifts and accessories made from repurposed saris, all of which are meticulously handmade by empowered artisans.

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Scooch A Mi Boutique 

Handmade Jewelry Accessories and Gifts that Give Back

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Greetabl makes it easy to send unique gifts your people will love ❤

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Spruce Supply Co 

Spruce Supply Co  offer curated ready-to-ship gift collections, as well as custom gifts that can be shipped direct throughout the US.

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Lacson Ravello 

Lacson Ravello is a effortless, stylish, and sustainably made fashion brand in Oakland, California. Designed for real women and their busy lifestyles, our looks are perfect for working from home.

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New Highs 

New Highs is a woman-owned modern brand for the conscious consumer offering hemp derived topicals and tinctures grown and created in the US.

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Tasha Bock

Tasha Bock is a Southern California based artist painting sunny and colorful oil and watercolor paintings. Visit her website to see her bold orange trees, serene seascapes, and custom illustrations and portraits.

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Fabulous Hair with Pooja 

Wouldn’t it be great gift to a mom give her confidence and hair back who is suffering from postpartum or menopausal hair loss and has lost her confidence? Pooja is with a company who has anti-aging hair and skin products and specific products for each hair. And skin type, plus these hair products also help with the NEW hair growth! Go on the website and click on “hair quiz” to get your personalized hair. And skin routine. Mother’s day sale is on!

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Brushed Up Nails

Brushed Up Nails! A boutique with a mix of skincare and accessories!

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Haute Beauty Guide

Haute Beauty Guide by Doran- We celebrate California (and USA) artisans and creators.

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Sage And Seed

Sage And Seed is an Etsy shop providing custom digital portraits.

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The RedWood Willow 

An Etsy shop selling wood creations. Custom pieces are available by request. 

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Moonsugars are a deck of hand-painted affirmation cards for use at night as you get ready for bed. Nightly rituals can help us wind down and trigger our brains for sleep. The thoughts you take to sleep with you are often there when you wake. Make those thoughts sweet

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Sublime Replenishing Milk by SAHARA ROSE is an elegant milk, infused with moisturizing and lipid-replenishing prickly pear seed oil and a blend of aromatic oils and plant extracts to deeply nourish, plump and give the skin a healthy glow. Enriched with vitamins, it revitalizes and softens to reveal beautifully supple and smooth skin as it promotes wellness and calm.

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Might Mom Books 

Mighty Mom books are all about how mom is a superhero. And all money raised is donated.

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Circus Designs 

Circus Designs – inspirational gifts that make it fun and easy to encourage others.

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The Crafty Kit 

A crafting business offering take/make projects like terrarium building, ceramic painting, chunky Blanket making kits that can be mailed out of nj in addition offering virtual classes

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The Dash Body

“Mommy and me” Pilates workout via zoom! For grown up kids and their awesome mamas!

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Anti aging, skin & body care products for mom. 

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