My #1 Tip For Creating Quality Content That Converts Into Sales

Today I’m sharing with you my #1 tip for creating quality content that converts into sales. Now, if you look at the blog here at Dragonfly Ave, you’ll find a wide range of content topics. Some are longer pieces, some shorter, some are business tips, design tips, resources, DIY tutorials, recipes, personal posts, etc. I personally really enjoy creating content and sharing my knowledge with my audience & anything that I think could potentially help one person I try to share. With that, I’ve written over 400 blog posts & have dived deep into analytics and even sales in terms of what works best. Now, if you are not a fan of writing content or simply don’t have the time – that’s OK! You don’t need to be writing or sharing all the time, the important thing here and what I want to share with you is how to write those quality pieces that will help convert into sales.

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My super secret #1 tip

I’m just kidding, this isn’t super secret at all – obviously cause I’m sharing it with you. But this is my #1 tip for creating quality content that converts into sales. My main tip is to step into your ideal clients shoes and understand what their biggest pain points are at this moment that you / your business can help them solve. Let me say that again, step into their shoes and identify what they are struggling with, what they need help with, what would make an impact on their life within your sphere of expertise.

Write all of it down – for example:

I’m a designer, my clients are struggling with making sales, confidence, tech & solidifying their business. Their website (whether it’s existent or not) is not working for them and that isn’t allowing them to grow. Whether it’s the visual representation, lack of call to actions, poor copy, not knowing where to start, etc. they need help. So what do I do? I start with my list of client pain points and start solving or answering any question that they are struggling with.

Another example:

You are a course creator and your ideal customers are struggling to know how to make money, how to sell their course, how to create their course, how to feel confident enough in themselves to even get started, etc. So you would create content that addresses those issues.

Another example:

You have an ecommerce shop that sells sustainable fashion. Your ideal customer is most probably looking to find sustainable clothing options, wanting to learn more about sustainability, might be struggling to style their outfits, etc. You would want to share content related to those struggles.

So again, my number 1 tip to creating content that converts is to create content that directly address your ideal clients pain points.

How / why does this work?

So the reason why this tip tends to work is for a few reasons. First off, no offense but no one cares about what you do – they care about what you can do for them. In this case, you’re providing solutions to their pain points in order to help them solve what problem they have in their life. You are stepping in and addressing those issues directly and that allows your ideal client to feel like you made this beautiful piece of content just for them. 

Next, this build trust & establishes you as the go to expert in the space. When someone can walk away from consuming your content with the feeling that you added value into their life and they feel like you know what the f*ck you’re talking about – that is everything! That makes allows your ideal client to feel like they are making a good purchase, like they are putting their hard earned money into the right purchase.  

What form of content can I create?

Any type, any form, in any medium! I want to make this clear because I think we all get stuck in what identifies as ‘content’ sometimes. So quality content can be blog posts, videos, podcasts, email newsletters, webinars, masterclasses, trainings, advertisments, mini courses, etc. This doesn’t need to be weekly or daily or anything like that specifically – it’s simply creating quality content in any form that will help convert into sales.

The truth is, you don’t need a ton of content to be successful & you don’t need to be creating all the damn time – especially if you don’t want to. The importance here & what helps convert into sales is creating content that addresses your ideal clients struggles & provides a solution. You are more likely to convert a piece of content into a sale when you’re talking to person’s direct needs rather than hoping that somehow this helps someone. So I hope you take my #1 tip for creating quality content that converts into sales and start creating. 

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