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If you’re like almost every other small business owner out there living in today’s visual world, then you know you have an absolute need for high quality images. Sometimes taking your own images or hiring out someone to do them for you isn’t in your budget. That’s totally okay! That’s why I’m sharing my top, absolutely favorite, place to get free stock images you can use for your business.

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What’s my go-to place for free stock images? One word. Unsplash.

Honestly, I go to this site all the time and can easily spend hours curating collections, finding inspiration or looking for that ‘perfect’ image. A few ways I’ve used the images are for social media (instagram), personal website projects, pinterest graphics and so much more. Really the possibilities are endless.

All the images are free for commercial use, so it’s completely legal to use them for your business. Plus, you don’t have to give credit if you don’t want to (however, I always recommend it, the photographers love seeing your work!). 

Plus, Unsplash recently announced that they have over 1 million images! Really, 1 million images right at your finger tips for free. 

Just a quick tip: there are a lot of photos available online, but if they aren’t free for commercial use, you may get in legal trouble for using them. So make sure you give credit, pay (if needed) or that you’re getting them from a website like Unsplash. 

You can also get a few more stock images in the digital library for FREE! So definitely sign up to get access to 10+ resources (including free images)!

Now, although I do think it’s best to create your own content, sometimes you don’t have the time or means to do so. I’m still improving my own photography + styling skills so I can better create content, but until then, Unsplash is a great resource. 

LEAVE A COMMENT! Have you used Unsplash for your images before? What’s your go-to image website?


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