Natural Beauty: Baking Soda + Coconut Oil Toothpaste

This is one of those natural beauty solutions Like most people right now, I’m currently obsessed with Marie Kondo’s new show Tidying Up on Netflix. Now, have I completely overhauled my closet & thrown/donated a bunch of my stuff… not yet. Let’s be real, I’m not even done with the whole season yet! But I’ll most definitely be setting aside some time to do not only finish the season but clean too. However, apart from the AMAZING organization & folding skills.. I wanted to share the 3 main takeaways from watching Tidying Up. 


1. Gratitude changes everything

Spoiler alert: in the first episode (are spoiler alerts even a thing when it’s the first episode? ??‍♀️) Marie Kondo starts by thanking the house. It seemed so odd but also so impactful. It can be so easy to forget about all the amazingness that we already have, and that includes a roof over our heads. Not only does she thank the house, she thanks each piece of clothing or item before saying goodbye. When you practice gratitude, it ultimately allows your perspective to change. That perspective change can truly be life changing. 

2. People don’t want more stuff… they want more time/meaning/freedom!

Although I’m far from a ‘minimalist’ because I still own a bunch of stuff, I still do my best to be as intentional as possible when I make purchases. However, what I noticed was that no one was really craving more.. they were all craving less! Especially when it came to stuff. What did the families really want? More time. More time to spend with loved ones, more time to travel, more time to relax… When it comes to my life & business, I do what I can to focus on what matters. At the end, no one wants more stuff, they want more memories! 

3. What do you want to take into your future?

Biggest, “Oh damn!” moment for sure! Again, a big mindset shift when it comes to decluttering & creating a life you want to live. It allows you to be very intentional of the type of life you want moving forward and gives you the chance to leave what you don’t want behind.   


Now that I shared my top 3 takeaways, I wanna hear about yours! Comment below on what you got out of watching the show!

Well… I guess I’ll go clean now… See ya next time! <3 


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