One Free SEO Tool You Should Be Using To Optimize Your Blog Titles

One of my all time favorite things is sharing new resources with you – especially if they’re gonna help you grow your business or change your life in any kind of way. So I’m really excited to share about this new tool that I recently found and started using. This is one free SEO tool you should be using to optimize your blog post titles and it’s called Headline Studio by CoSchedule! This has made writing captivating and SEO friendly titles for all my posts so much easier!

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What is it & what does it do?

Essentially the Headline Studio tool analyzes your blog post title that you type in and provides a 0-100 rating on how SEO friendly it is. It takes into consideration factors like: word count, skimmability, clarity, headline type, word balance, sentiment & character count of your headline score. For SEO is takes into account: search preview, competition, keyword variations & related questions. 

Once it analyzes it’ll provide a rating and also help guide you on where you can improve. Honestly, once you get started, it’s super addicting. It’s really like a fun game to see what will get you a higher score. 

How does this help?

A big reason to blog as a business owner is to position yourself as an expert and also for SEO (search engine optimization). You want to make sure that you are being found in searches when people Google. One of the ways to do so is through keywords and a great headline. This tool essentially takes what you wrote and helps you improve your headline.

Personally, I blog almost daily and I want to make sure my content is being optimized as much as possible. It’s made optimizing my blog much easier and it’s way less stressful for me on the backend. 

It’s Free plus a Google Chrome Extension

Oh yeah!! I’m all about free tools, I mean, c’mon. There is a premium version (that I have not tried) but if you don’t want it, it’s free! You can test it out and then create a free account when you’re ready. They also have a Free Google Chrome Extension to make it even easier to use. 

Check out the tool here! Honestly, again, this is one free SEO tool you should be using to optimize your blog titles so check it out and start blogging better!

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