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Writing your about page can get uncomfortable very quickly. It’s also one of the pages that is the most often overlooked even though it tends to be the second highest most looked at page on your site. But, I’ve got to admit, it’s terrifying to write about pages. You feel awkward, a bit self-centered and a bit icky when you’re writing all about yourself. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here’s how to optimize your about page that can lead to better conversions!

Let’s start with making this as simple as possible and get the reality out in the open. Although it’s called an about page, it should not be ALL about you. In order to optimize your about page, it really can’t be all about you.

Your about page is where you can connect with your ideal client. Where you reassure your ideal client that you understand them. That you know their struggles, understand their needs, problems, what solutions they’re looking for. Then where you can connect and share your story, one that’s relevant to your business and capable of relating to your ideal client.

Now, you can also take a moment to have some fun on your about page. You can share some fun facts, special notes, or whatever you think differentiates or can leave a memorable impact on someone. The reason, again, why these work is because they allow you, once again, to CONNECT and start building a relationship with visitors.

As you’re going through your about page, you need to 1. put your ego aside and 2. look at it through the lense of a potential client. What do they care about? What do they want? What do they need? What are they struggling with the most?

At the end of the day, your about page is telling your ideal clients whether or not their in the right place, whether or not you’re the right person for them and most importantly whether or not they feel like they can trust you to be the one who solves their most pressing problem.

Now let’s break it down – 

Your about page should be doing the following:

1. Connecting

2. Reassuring

3. Sharing

Now your about page should also include the following:

1. A captivating message or an email opt-in above the fold

2. A clear message that tells your visitor whether or not their in the right place

3. Your story

4. What makes you different and what allows you to stand out

5. Your personality & ways your potential customer can connect like fun facts.

6. Call to action buttons to lead them to where you want them to go next

7. Testimonials that show your potential customer how amazing you are


Again, the reality is that your about page should not and cannot be entirely focused on YOU. It still has to be relevant to your business and to your audience. Your About Page should be entirely focused on how YOU can make a difference in your ideal clients life and why YOU are the person to do it! Then optimize by adding testimonials, call-to-actions and email opt-ins so you can stay in touch and in front of mind. Don’t make your about page a spotlight on you but rather a spotlight on how you can help your clients! By doing this, you’ll be able to optimize your about page in a way that’ll lead to better conversions. 

LEAVE A COMMENT! What was your biggest takeaway and the biggest change your implementing to your about page? 


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