Packing Joy

brand identity

web design

wordpress development

Packing Joy is a travel blog by Lelia meant to inspire it’s reader to grab joy through travel. As a newcomer to the industry, it was important to establish a unique experience for all those who visit.

Lelia wanted an easy to read, browse + interact with blog, with travel in the center. Through a fun interactive map, visitors could read blogs based on their destinations and follow along with Lelia’s journey. Making it world friendly was a must, so we made sure the site was multi-lingual and easily accessible to those who spoke foreign languages. The brand colors showcased the natural feel through orange + beige hues and of travel with blue ocean hues. These colors needed to be cohesive and also not take away from Lelia’s stunning photography. It was such a fun, collaborative experience to bring this website to life. 

“Marci has completely changed the look of my website, gave it the feeling that I was looking for and made the process much easier to manage. I had the confidence she is there to help, when needed. She made proper research for every aspect I have required for our brand. She also showed a lot of patience and flexibility with all my ideas and changes I have asked. Was great working with her and would choose her again!”


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