Peach Crostini w/ goat cheese + agave

Ready for a totally guilt-free treat you’ll love? Yeah, I’m always down for that too. Try a peach crostini w/ goat cheese + agave. It’s delicious, super easy to make + you only need 4 ingredients! I mean, can we call that a win! ??

Also, in case you’re wondering what a crostini is… it’s pretty much just toasted bread but elevated with great toppings. So you can sound pretty cool at your next party (or to your bestie, whichever!). 

Another quick note: If you want you can switch out the agave to honey, meaning turning a peach crostini w/ goat cheese + agave to a peach crostini w/ goat cheese + honey. I actually tried both versions and their both pretty damn good. However, my preference was the agave… plus, although I’m not a super big fan of bee’s (I mean, have you watched the movie My Girl?!), it’s still nice to support the #savethebees cause and use agave instead. 





1 peach

boule bread *sliced

Goat cheese

1/4 tsp Agave nectar syrup

How to make:


Start by cutting peach into thin, vertical slices (julienne style). 

Toast the bread by adding a little olive oil to bread and placing bread on heated pan. Leave until toasted. 

Spread goat cheese over toasted bread, then add peach slices. Top by pouring agave syrup (I used roughly ¼ teaspoon, but feel free to add to your liking).


LEAVE A COMMENT! What did you think of the peach crostini’s w/ goat cheese + agave? Did you use agave or honey?

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