Peppermint Chocolate Glass Rim

Simple, elegant & slightly messy – but that’s okay, cause it tastes really good! Adding a chocolate to the rim of your glass makes your drink just a little better. We put a holiday touch on it by adding some crushed peppermint sticks. But you can use the same steps and add crushed nuts or extra chocolate (whatever you prefer!)

chocolate peppermint glass rim.png

Serves 4-6 (depending on how much you cover your glass)

2-4 peppermint sticks

4 oz of crushed chocolate

  1. Put fondue pot or non-stick pan on low

  2. Add crushed chocolate and stir as it melts

  3. Crush your peppermint sticks with a kitchen hammer (or dough roller), then place on small plate

  4. Grab glass and dip the rim into chocolate (you may have to spread it around a bit)

  5. Dip chocolate covered glass rim into crushed peppermint

  6. Add your favorite holiday drink, like hot chocolate (or Kahlua & milk ?) and enjoy!

chocolate peppermint glass rim
chocolate peppermint glass rim

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