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Today I’m sharing my personal portfolio website design with you! 

Although I consider Dragonfly Ave more my business hub, I still the domain of my name. Since I still take on freelance work outside of Dragonfly Ave, it was important to create a personal portfolio that showcased my work.

On a quick side note: the best piece of advice I ever got was to own your domain. It gives you control over how your personal name is used, so if you can, get it. Regardless of what you do, you can own your domain + use it for your personal portfolio or to showcase or share other personal information.  

Since I already love the brand colors from Dragonfly Ave, I kept them the same to create a more cohesive overall brand. The website was kept simple to just 1-page where you can find a snippet about me, my portfolio + information about Dragonfly Ave. It was important to tie the two together so they can both work in conjunction with each other. Finally, a clean contact form so people could reach me. Again, since Dragonfly Ave is much more of my hub, I kept my personal portfolio website design very simple, minimal + straightforward. 


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