Resource Highlight: Calendly

Today we’re highlighting Calendly, an online meeting scheudling tool. I’ve been using Calendly for almost 2 years and it’s been one of my biggest time savers as a web designer & a service based business. Rather than emailing or messaging someone 100s of times to see what time works for both of you to have a meeting or call, Calendly does it all for you! So let’s check out todays resource highlight: Calendly.

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What does Calendly do?

Calendly is an online meeting scheduler. Essnetially, you can create an account, set up your availablility & different calendar types and send someone a link to schedule a call or meeting. It will show them all the times you are available and they can simply choose what works for them as well and book an appointment. Honestly, all those back and forth emails trying to figure out what time works best for both parties can be exhausting and time consuming and Calendly removes all of that hassle.

You’re able to set up different event types for example: 15 minute meeting, or strategy session or 1 hour consult meeting, etc. Select how long the appointment will be and send the link. You can also embed the link within your own website so it looks more on brand. You are also able to integrate the app with other apps like Zapier, GSuite Calendar, Paypal, Zoom, Stripe, Mailchimp & more. There are also options for paid meetings – for example if you want to book a paid consulation, you can send the link and the person can pay & book all at the same time.

Pros & Cons

For the Pros – it’s really simple & easy to set up. The free plan (which I’ve been on for the last 2 years) gives you the basics but also what you need to make your life a bit easier. Again, the biggest pro is how much time it saves. I will also say, I’ve recieved so many compliments on how easy it was for people to set up calls with me, honestly it’s a great way to improve your customer experience!

For the Cons – The main con I can think of is that not everything is available on the free plan (I mean, obviously). But pricing is tiered starting at $0, the $8 and pro plan is $12. If you need more options & events & to add payments then it’s totally worth it to upgrade but you will have to upgrade to a paid plan. 


If you like the idea of Calendly, here are some other alternatives. I haven’t used all of them but feel free to check them out. Some alternatives are Acuity (*now included with a Squarespace subscription), Honeybook or Dubsado (both of these have scheduler tools included in their plans).

Hope you liked today’s resource highlight: Calendly – stay tuned for more.



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