Resource Highlight: Dubsado

Today we’re highlighting Dubsado, an all-in-one business management tool. I’ve been using Dubsado for over a year and it’s been a great tool & investment for my business as a web designer. It helps streamline projects, send invoices, proposals & contracts, schedule meetings, send emails and more. I think Dubsado is a great tool for service based businesses because it can save you a lot of time. So let’s dive into todays resource highlight: Dubsado.

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What does dubsado do?

Dubsado is an all-in-one business management tool so it has a lot of capabilities. Some of these include: sending contracts, invoices, proposals, and any other form required for your business. You can set up workflows to do this automatically and save you a ton of time. You are also able to set up scheduling calls (it integrates with your gsuite account), send emails, create to do lists, stay organized and keep all your finances in one place.Ā  So to a certain extent, Dubsado can do it all.

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the Pros – it has a lot of tools built in to itso you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. Once everything is set up, you can collect leads, money & automate a lot of tasks so it can save you a lot of time. Dubsado also gives a free trial for your first 3 clients. Which means rather than it being free for a certain amount of time, it’s free until you use it for 3 people. Honestly, I think that’s why I ended up choosing Dubsado over other all-in-one tools because it gave me the chance to see how it worked and play with it for awhile to make sure it was good for me. They also have a lot of educational resources to help you set up and learn how to use it.

For the Cons – I do think setting up Dubsado can be difficult and that’s where you’ll find yourself spending the majority of your time. Once it’s set up, then you’re good – but you’ve still got to spend time setting it up. The price is fairly competitive at $35/month so it’s not a big con but for some that can get a little pricey, especially if clients aren’t consistent.


If you like the idea of Dubsado but want to see what’s out there, I’d check out Honeybook or 17Hats as alternative options. I’ve played around with both of them before and although every system is different, they do offer similar features. Ultimately it’s about finding what works for you.

A special deal šŸ˜˜

If you want to check out Dubsado, you can get 20% off your first month with my code: dragonflyave or by clicking here!


Hope you liked today’s resource highlight: Dubsado – stay tuned for more.Ā 



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