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With my 2 new side (Techommend + Minimum Viable Websites) projects up + running, in addition to the Dragonfly Ave blog,  I now have more content to write + share than ever before! Do I sometimes feel like I’m gonna go crazy? Abso-f*cking-lutely! But it’s the little things in life that make this whole entrepreneurship journey worth it + easier. Today, I’m sharing one of those little pieces of heaven that makes scheduling my blog posts so. much. easier! Seriously! I do my best to write my blog posts on a google drive and then add them to the website, then I schedule. Now, you can schedule your blog posts with this wordpress plugin! The plugin making all the difference… *drumroll* The WordPress Editorial Calendar!


What is it? 

The WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin, as you can probably imagine, is a plugin that allows you to see all your drafted, schedules + already posted blog posts in a calendar view. Personally, I think it’s amazing + much better than seeing it in some random list view (as is the default).   


sneak peak – calendar view

This is a behind the scenes sneak peak view at what the plugin looks like. It’s fairly straightforward as it is just a calendar. However, on the right hand side, it also has an unschedule drafts section which allows you to drag and drop your desired posts into it’s desired dates (which is my most loved feature). From there you can schedule by hovering over the post, choosing quick edit + selecting your desired scheduling time. It allows me to see everything in a ‘larger picture’ view and get a real good look at what is going on so I can make better scheduling decisions. 


Why I love it + why it works

Like I mentioned above, the caledar view allows you to see the whole month of dates so you can easily schedule your posts, do so strategically + plan out your entire month. This keeps you productive, detailed + strategic. Which, I think is the best way to schedule the content you’ve worked so damn hard on. 


You can check out the WordPress plugin here: WordPress Editorial Calendar





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