Add A Web Scrolling Animation Effect & Video To A Photo Or Mockup Using Photoshop

In todays video tutorial I’ll be going over how to add a web scrolling animation effect & video to a photo or mockup using Photoshop. This is a growing trend but one that is really cool, fun & exciting to see because it’s a great way to showcase work in an intriguing way. I learned how to do this a little while ago and thought I should share how you can do this yourself, especially since I recently started selling photo & mockup bundles and want you to get the most of them! So watch the video below & enjoy!

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This video will go over how to add the a scrolling animation to any photo or mockup using photoshop as well as how to add a video to a photo using photoshop. These are such great ways to showcase your work in a fun, exciting way. Once you learn how to set it up & export, you’ll be doing this all the time!

For this video tutorial, I will be using Photoshop and you will need to Photoshop if you want to get this effect using this tutorial. You can check Adobe products including Photoshop here! 😉

The mockup used in the video is from our Made You Blush collection that you can purchase here or check out some free mockups in our digital library here!


Watch the video for how to add a web scrolling animation effect & video to a photo or mockup using photoshop below:

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