SEO Basics For Squarespace

In todays video tutorial I’ll be going over how to SEO basics for Squarespace. This is part of our Squarespace Basics series that’s geared to help beginners use the platform and gain confidence. I’m a big believer on using platforms that work best for you and your business which is why build websites for my clients on either WordPress DIVI, Shopify or Squarespace depending on their needs. (You can learn more about my services here).

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This video will go over where to add SEO page descriptions, SEO site descriptions, blog SEO and more. I’ll also show you where you can find the full Squarespace SEO checklist that Squarespace provides. SEO optimization is dependent on keywords and what people are searching for within each specific industry but this is a great way to get started and learn how it works within Squarespace. Once you get this down and know where everything is, you can continue to optimize from there. I really hope this helps walk you through how SEO works within Squarespace and starts setting your website up for success!

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