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So you’re up at 10pm trying to finish up some work or catch up on some last minute emails. But, you’re worried that if you send that email, your clients may think you’re available at. all. times.? Turning your relationship as one without boundaries and making it harder for you to escape the feeling of having to be ‘constantly’ hustling. It’s okay, you’re not alone, I’ve totally been there! Honestly, there are times when I work way past my set office hours because I’m so into it, if you’re a side-hustler, sometimes you have no choice but send emails at random times. However, I still want clients + people to respect my time, my boundaries + understand that I’m not always available (because even I try to have to life).  That’s exactly why you need to set up an email scheduler so you can maintain boundries.


What exactly is an email scheduler? 

It’s a third-party extension so you can schedule your email responses to go out at a later time.

Cool, huh?! (I mean, life saver!!)


What email scheduler do I use?

Currently I’m using a chrome extension called CloudHQ + it’s completely free to use.

(I believe this only works on Google Chrome. But definitely check out other potential email schedulers for different browsers like Safari or Firefox.) 


How do I set up CloudHQ? 

It’s actually really easy to set up your email scheduler. Simply go to add chrome extension and type in the search bar Cloud HQ (or whichever option you feel most comfortable with).

It will be added to your chrome browser. When you login to your gmail account, you’ll have a request to allow for CloudHQ to access you gmail. Once you agree, you’ll have the option to schedule out emails. You can pick a date + time when you’d like your emails sent. 

Watch the full video tutorial below!

At the end of the day, setting up an email scheduler to help you stay on top of emails while maintaining boundries (and not look available all the time) really takes away the stress of ‘having to be available’ at all times of the day. This is perfect for sidehustlers who still have their 9-5 and want their emails to go out during regular business hours. It’s also great for every business owner that wants to run a business without it taking over their lives, the ones who are pursuing the ‘healthy hustle’ + want to build a business that actually lets them live their life. Now you know how to set up an email scheduler to save you time + set boundaries!  

LEAVE A COMMENT! Do you use an email scheduler? What’s the biggest benefit you’ve seen when using one?


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