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Email marketing is still considered to contribute to higher ROIs than social media and we’re here to help make sending beautiful emails super simple. You can now shop Flodesk email templates with Summer Valley Emails. What is Summer Valley Emails? Well, we’re excited to introduce our new sister brand: Summer Valley Emails (or Summer Valley) for short. Keep reading for the full low down…

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It all started when…

My favorite email marketing platform, Flodesk, announced a new template sharing feature. This new feature essentially allows one the ability to create customizable & easy to use email template designs that work specially for Flodesk and share (or sell) them. There have been so many times I wanted to create email templates but it’s always been tricky to create because there was never a way to share them well. You’d either need a third party platform like Photoshop, create image based designs within Canva or be required to code the design (which not everyone knows how to use after the fact) so it was pretty much just a dream. Now, with the template sharing feature, it’s a reality.


Then came Summer Valley

Originally the idea was to create add-on email templates for each of my website templates (which may still happen in the future, who knows) but since I was in the process of redesigning the shop and simplifying it down to a website template shop, it didn’t feel right. Plus, I wanted the opportunity to explore and have fun designing different emails without having to worry about ‘pairing’ them with already made templates. So the decision came to start a sister brand: Summer Valley and focus on creating Flodesk email templates for small businesses, e-commerce brands and more.


Now, it’s live!

It’s really excited to share our sister brand with you and be able to make sending beautiful emails way easier. All of the email templates are sold individually so you can mix and match or buy your favorites based on what you need. Plus, Flodesk makes it easy to instantly install them on your account so you can customize (without code) and feel confident about hitting send. 

Go visit Summer Valley today and elevate your emails with beautiful Flodesk email templates. Then let us know your favorites or if there are any other email designs or templates you’d like to see! 

Want to work together? Learn more here!


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