Stars + Linen: Branding Concept

Jul 1, 2019 | Showcase

New branding, moodboard + logo concept for faux vintage fashion brand: Stars + Linen. This brand is very Americana inspired with the classic red, white + blue colors. However a mixture of deep + bright colors allow for the vintage feel, perfect for a clothing brand. The stars + linen branding concept is the traditional colors with a vintage, classic feel that just makes you want to put on your converse, cut off jeans + head to the beach to watch fireworks.

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4th of July, memorial day + labor day always makes me want to create a very classic American brand. We’re so close to the 4th of July, and I’m ready to get my cut off jean shorts, white t-shirt and my converse and watch the fireworks near the beach with friends. The celebration is always a great time to enjoy your day and loved ones and remember the beauty of the American dream. The images on the mood board were found some on Unsplash. I filled it with deep blues + reds, bright whites + grays to add the vintage touch.  

This time around, I created some simple yet effective collateral graphics that nicely display the wordmark logo. The canva moodboard layout will be available in the digital shop coming soon. I thought this branding concept would be perfect for classic brands, vintage fashion blogs or shops.

LEAVE A COMMENT! What is your favorite part? Do you appreciate the holiday themed moodboard?

the brand

at a glance


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