Style Your Tech: Free Love Desktop Wallpapers

It’s been a long ass time since I’ve created digital wallpapers and honestly, until I added one of these designs to my own desktop, I didn’t think I was going to keep wanting to do them. However, it was a really nice mini refresh that just brightened up my day so I’ll definitely continue to make some! This round of Style Your Tech, I’ve created some Free Love Desktop Wallpapers. They are JPG so they could also work on your tablet but I did not size them that way.

Since I recently started experimenting with Procreate, I wanted something for February and beyone that was simple and still cool. To be honest – they are also simple because I’m still starting out & learning so simple is all I can do! 😂

But after at least 40 attempts, I finally got the word LOVE to look  beautifully handlettered. I then added a combination of colorful watercolor / marble backgrounds for this collection. Again, they are in JPG format so you can easily download and use on your desktop/laptop computer (and maybe even your tablet). You can access them in the digital library here or by clicking the button below.

This free pack comes with 4 different background color options all with the word love in the center. You will get access to all of them inside the free library.

Hope you enjoy these Free Love Desktop Wallpapers and feel free to tag me on instagram or any other platform to show me how they look on your computer!

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