The #1 reason you need a website for your podcast

Okay, we are going to get right to it today and talk about the #1 reason you need a website for your podcast. Now, when I say website, making sure you’re, at the very least, putting your podcast episodes or audio files on your website and if all you have is a podcast, then make sure you have a website for it! Now the #1 reasons comes down to one word:


I remember a few months ago, a few industry leaders that I follow who have podcasts were in a complete panic. Why? Itunes had a glitch and took down a bunch of different peoples podcasts. Which meant, their top rated, super downloaded podcasts were none existent and could not be found.

I mean, it was insane.

Lucky for them, they had all the files and a team to help quickly re-add their podcast to Itunes and then FINALLY add it to their website as well. That way, their content could always exist (at least until they decided to take it down themselves. )

Ownership & control is something I always try to emphasize when speaking about a website vs social media or other peoples/companies platforms. If you don’t own the platform, you have no control over what happens to it.

So, if you are starting a podcast, have a podcast or are in the midst of thinking of having a podcast, make sure you are ALSO adding all your audio files and podcast episodes to your website. And if you don’t have a website, set one up!

It doesn’t have to be crazy, that’s why I have a full podcast website template and just a simple 1-page podcast website template for DIVI in the shop. As long as it’s somewhere in a place that you own and control, then that is all you need.

You’ve spent so much time and money to start a podcast, build an audience, etc… the last thing you want is for it to disappear in minutes. So to make sure you don’t fall victim of other companies tech glitches or rules and own your shit and get your podcast on your website (or a website of its own).




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