The 4 best wordpress themes in 2020

There are a ton of WordPress themes out there and deciding on which one is best can be overwhelming to say the least. Plus you have to decide on whether you want to pay for one or go the free route. Themes are always changing and the landscape for WordPress has changed a lot during the last few years. Here is my list of the 4 best wordpress themes in 2020 for both beginners and expert designers a like. 


1. DIVI by Elegant Themes

My personal favorite & most widely used theme that I use is DIVI by Elegant Themes. It’s a drag n drop visual builder that’s used on over 600,000 sites. It allows you to easily customize your website on the front end, make global edits, save layouts and more great features. Support is always pretty helpful as well although due to the large amount of requests, it does take an average of 24hrs to get a response. On top of the theme, they offer a DIVI plugin, an Editorial theme (that offers more magazine style options), a social media plugin + a popup plugin with it’s membership. In terms of pricing they offer plans starting at $89/year or a 1 time lifetime fee of $249. 

2. Elementor

Elementor is similar to DIVI but comes in the form of a plugin rather than a theme. This means you’re able to use it with almost any other theme and still gain its drag n drop capabilities. Just like DIVI you can build on the front end, customize almost everything on your site and create global edits. Elementor is a FREE page builder that you can install on any theme but certain elements do require you to get the pro version. Pricing for Elementor Pro starts at $49/yr. 

3. Genesis

The Genesis Framework is another great theme that people either love or hate. I personally don’t have too much experience using it but I know it’s widely used and felt the need to include it here. Genesis works alone or with additional Child Themes which enhance the design of your site. This theme can be a little bit more difficult to use if you don’t have any CSS or HTML experience and has limited customization on it’s own. Again, if you want a different design, you’ll have to partner it up with a child theme. However, it does great with SEO, optimization and site speed which are all important fundamentals to a site. 

4. is a newcomer but definitely still a powerful tool. It’s a great alternative to both DIVI and Elementor and may end up being better than both in the future. It’s intuitive and clean, provides premade sections and layouts, let’s you design on the cloud and is also a drag n drop visual builder. It’s a FREE plugin so you can use it with other themes but also requires you to purchase the Pro version for added features and elements. Since it’s new, there may be some features missing at the moment, but like I said, the team there is always adding new and making updates to improve. 

Aside from this list, there are quite a few other incredible options but I felt these provided the most customizability, functionality, usability and were great for both beginners and design experts alike. I hope my list of the 4 best WordPress themes in 2020 is helpful to you choosing a theme!


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