The 6 Most Common Questions Asked About Flodesk Answered

Flodesk is an email marketing platform that is fairly new to the space but has a lot of great features and reasons for why you should choose it. As a business owner, your email list can be gold so it’s important to have an email form on your website to capture your visitors emails. If you want to read why Flodesk is my go-to email marketing platform, check out this article. Since I love Flodesk and recommend it to my audience, I thought I’d answer the 6 most common questions asked about Flodesk.

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What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is an email marketing tool similar to platforms like Mailchimp and Converkit. You can use it to create an email list, send freebies, and use to send all your email marketing emails to your audience. It also has sales page and checkout options as well.

Is Flodesk free?

Flodesk has a free 30 day trial where you have access to all their tools including emails, automations, etc. but after that you do need to pay. The monthly fee is $35/month just for their email tools and $59/month for all their tools including checkout and landing pages. Save 50% Flodesk by clicking here!

Will Flodesk Integrate with …. [your website platform here]?

Short answer: yes! Flodesk has direct integrations with a few platforms but primarily is integrated to your website through an embed code and some html. Embed code options are, as far as I’m aware, available on almost every website platform so you should have no problem adding Flodesk to your website.

Does Flodesk have sales pages?

Yes! So you can have a short form landing page or sign up page encouraging people to join your email list as well as now have longer form sales pages you can set up to either check out or join your list.

Is Flodesk easy to use?

Definitely! Of course everyone has different thoughts on what’s easy but Flodesk has a great user experience on their site making everything easy to read and find, provides beautiful email design templates and makes updating emails easy. It’s honestly one of the easiest email marketing platforms I’ve used.

Is Flodesk worth it?

Personally, my answer is yes! Email marketing has and continues to grow in terms of ROI and Flodesk makes it easy and enjoyable to send and even receive emails. I always recommend choosing tech on what you’re most likely to use and if you use Flodesk and send out emails or use their sales and checkout pages and it makes you money – then yes, its absolutely worth it!

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As a web designer, I always recommend having an email list and a sign up page or section on your website to collect emails. Flodesk is my go to choice for email marketing platforms and hopefully these answers helped you make a decision moving forward.

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