The 6 Shopify Editions Announcements I’m Most Excited To Try This Year

If you have an e-commerce brand or are even thinking of opening up an online store – then you’ve got to keep reading. Every year Shopify releases their updates announcement called Shopify Editions sharing all the new things coming out either when the announcement is made or a little later on that year. This year, I will say was a BIG one – at least I think so. So here are the 6 Shopify Editions Announcements I’m most excited to try this year.

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Online Store Editor Update

Shopify has been making a lot of edits and updates to their design editor in recent years and I’m super happy about that, especially as a designer, and I’m even happier now hearing that it’s going to get better. Shopify has always been limited in terms of what you can do design wise which is rough sometimes. They’ll be releasing flex sections so you can create custom layouts by resizing, grouping, and drag and dropping. This will be released later this year but I can’t wait to try it.

Shopify Subscriptions App

I mean, finally! Like if there’s anything that should have existed it’s a Shopify subscription app. So there’s been third party subscription apps but this one is Shopify’s app (which hopefully means, it’s included in the price). But if you want to add a subscription offer to your site, you’ll be able to do it without a third party extension. Coming later this year.

Shopify Bundles

Similar to Shopify’s subscription app – I feel like this should have existed already but it’s happening now. You’ll be able to increase the average order by providing bundle options with your products. This one will be free as well so, yes, it’s awesome. Also coming later this year.

Shopify AI

Shopify has already started releasing AI tools within their platform and it looks like it’s about to get better. You’ll be able to use AI to generate FAQs, generate email subject lines, manage chats, write blogs, and generate text within your store. You can even have an AI powered assistant. All of which sounds cool and I’m pumped to see how they all work.

Shopify Forms

It’s the small things that can really be exciting. You’ve always either been restricted to the one form available in Shopify or needed to get a third party app. Now Shopify is enhancing their forms to include custom fields and allows you to have multiple forms on your store at once.

Shopify Collective

Shopify Collective essentially allows you to curate products and sell products from Shopify brands without having to manage inventory or shipping. You can pick and choose what works with your existing store and add to it. I’m excited to dive deeper into this.

Check out Shopify Editons Summer ’23

There are over 100+ product updates that Shopify announced in their Shopify Editions Summer ‘23. It’s amazing and excited and I’m impatiently waiting to try all of them out. If you have a Shopify store or are interested in it, definitely worth checking it out. You can read up on all the hype and announcements here!

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