The one rule to creating killer content

Creating content can be incredibly time consuming! From choosing an idea to writing/creating the piece to creating graphics + then sharing it on your blog + social media. With all the time spent, you want to make sure you’re creating content that is working for you! Now, one thing I’ve learned throughout my time as an entrepreneur is that your biggest currency with your customer is TRUST. If you don’t have trust, people won’t buy from you. I mean, would you buy something from someone you didn’t trust? Now for a long time I struggled to create content because I kept filtering myself, kept striving to appear ‘perfect’ and felt limited to what I was ‘allowed’ to share. That idea has shifted a lot this year and it’s changed how, what + why I create content. I wanted to share my one rule to creating killer content and how it’s actually much easier than you may think!

It’s ALL about VALUE

My one rule to creating killer content is to make sure that it adds value, to someone, somewhere. It adds value in someway to their life. That is it. That is my pre-requisite to whether or not I create content and share it or whether I don’t. 

It’s become that easy + that simple. 

Does this or will this add value to someone? Does this or will this help someone? 

If the answer is yes, then create it + share it. 

If I believe it’ll add value to someones life, then I’m gonna share that shit. 

Why is this the way to create killer content? 

If you’re adding value, it no longer becomes just about you. It becomes about the person(s) you’re trying to help. People are out here looking for people who are just simply trying to help. Not sell. Everyone is trying to sell these days and they focus more about promoting their product than helping someone out. Sales happen out of trust. People trust people that are giving out value rather than trying to pitch their services. 

I’d also follow up with saying that more often than not, I run into people not sharing valuable content because they are limiting themselves, they’re afraid it’s not ‘quality content’, they’re worried it’s not ‘perfect’ and not sharing your knowledge and giving out value will hurt you more than sharing the less than perfect content. 

Now, when you’re in the midst of creating content, even if it just helps 1 person, it’s still providing value to ONE person. It doesn’t have to be everyone in the world, one person is enough. 

Creating content is time consuming and sometimes it’s easy to become unsure about what to spend your time creating and sharing. However, my one rule to creating killer content is that if it provides value to someone (even just one person), you should create it and share it. You never know how or who that may help! 




Hey, I’m Marci

I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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