This is what visitors first see on your website – is it working for you?

This is the section visitors first see on your website – is it working for you?

Anytime a visitor lands on your homepage the first section they see is called, ‘above the fold’.


What is above the fold? Above the fold is essentially everything you see as soon as the website appears on your screen before having to scroll down.

Another way to think of above the fold: This term actually came from newspapers (hoping you still know what those are…) and the main, most important and most valued section was above the fold. It’s what people saw before even opening the rest of the newspaper. Another example: think of a magazine cover… that’s what you see before you open up the magazine. Again, this section on your site is the first thing visitors see before scrolling down.

So how can you make your above the fold work for you?  

  • Add captivating message: You should have a clear message that states to your visitor what you do + how it can help them. You should be working on reassuring your visitor that they are in fact in the right place and that they can find what they’re looking for.
  • Add a call to action: A call to action is really a button (think the easy button from staples) that gets someone to what can help them the most quickly + easily.
  • Add an opt-in option: Most people don’t buy from you on the first visit, so that’s why creating an opt-in is important. It allows you to get their email address so you can stay in touch with on a continuing basis.

Note: Your opt-in option could be the call to action button


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