Top 2 reasons to install a recipe plugin on your food blog

If you’re a fellow food blogger (or just food lover), then you’ve probably come across blogs with recipe cards on their websites. Now, with the new Dragonfly Ave website now live + my (semi) new direction, aka comibining my love of design + food, I knew I needed to up my food blog game. I’ve been sharing recipes for a while but I just hadn’t gotten around to adding a recipe card plugin, until now! So why should you install a recipe plugin on your WordPress website? Here are the top 2 reasons to install a recipe plugin on your food blog. 


What’s a recipe plugin?

First off, a plugin is a third-part tool used on the WordPress platform to enhance or increase the capabilities on your website. In other words, think of a plugin as an app on your smart phone. It increases functionality + lets you do more with your phone.

A recipe plugin is a tool that allows you to showcase your recipe in a ‘card’ type version online. It also allows visitors to easily print + access your recipe. There are a quite a few different recipe plugins that you can use. You can read about a few here


Why does Your food blog need a recipe plugin?

So I’ll be honest (+ totally update you with results in a later post) since I just added a recipe plugin to my own site, I can’t speak to the results myself, yet – however, that doesn’t mean that the following information isn’t important to note. 


1 | Makes it easier for your visitors

Like mentioned above, adding a recipe plugin allows visitors to easily print + view your recipe. This makes your website much more user friendly + people are more likely to return. 


2 | Better SEO 

When you add a recipe plugin, it can ‘dramatically help your SEO and get your recipe featured on Google, including voice search.” (source) Have you ever searched for a recipe on google? It always leads with recipes that have a recipe plugin. So yeah, adding a plugin can help you get found, which can be amazing for your food blog! 



At the end of the day, you’ve put in a ton of work to get your recipes out there. From photography to writing to the actual recipe creating. You want to make sure that people enjoy visiting your blog + that it’s easy for people to access it as well as actually be found! It’s a simple, easy tweak that can make a big difference for your business + blog!  





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