top 3 cons of choosing divi

Recently, I shared my top 4 reasons for choosing the DIVI theme for your website, which you can read here. Now, I wanted to share the top 3 cons of choosing DIVI for your website. It’s important for me to be transparent with you so you can make the best decision possible. Personally, these 3 cons don’t affect me as much as they may affect you and your business, so do research, try it out and see what works for you.

affiliate disclosure: please note there are affiliate links within this post. If you choose to purchase from a link I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. thank you for your support!

1.Limited header + footer customization

Currently, DIVI has a great drag and drop builder – however this same level of customization doesn’t work for the header or footer of your website. Do you still have options in regards to it, yes. There are a few different footer + header layout options that work perfectly well for the majority of business and you can add code to make additional changes or even buy a third-party plugin. However, one of the main cons is that you can’t make these changes easily so you are a bit limited in how your header + footer will look.

2.Limited blog customization

Similar to the header + footer customization limitations, the blog modules or options you have to change the look of your blog are limited. You really only have the option to have a full layout or a grid layout. Again if you want to make any additional changes then you have to buy a third-party theme or add code.

The main type of business this will effect are bloggers. But really only in terms of divi’s functionality. I was able to add a couple third-party plugin’s to make Packing Joy’s website look + function great!

3.Cache glitches

There have been many times when a weird glitch will come up, usually when I’m trying to finish up a project or page, that there will be a ‘cache’ glitch. Meaning you have to clear your browser, clear the cache and sometimes contact their support for additional help. Now usually support handles these things pretty quickly and walks you through steps, but it’s still frustrating non the less.

These were my top 3 cons of choosing the DIVI theme for your website. The good news is that DIVI has a great support team, there are third-party options and they are always improving the theme (which includes an upcoming update that allows for more customization). However, until then, it’s important to look and see whether or not these cons are going to affect you and matter to you and your business! If you’re interested in checking it out, visit!


LEAVE A COMMENT! What’s the top reason you wouldn’t choose a theme?


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