Top 3 Things You Need To Stop Worrying About As A Female Entrepreneur

There are many challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, but being a female entrepreneur adds another layer that I don’t often see talked about. Sure there’s the unwanted sexism, the fact that some simply don’t take you seriously and the need to be way better than your male counterparts to ‘seem viable’, but today, I wanted to touch on some worries that I’ve dealt with and I’ve seen come up quite often in facebook groups, instagram, social media, etc. I know I’ve dealt with these personally and although I don’t think these worries aren’t limited to only women, I do think there is a wider effect on women. So these are the top 3 things you need to stop worrying about as a female entrepreneur. (Yes, I know there are a lot more so feel free to comment below!)

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How you look, what you wear Or what size you are

Let’s be real, women have been judged by their looks for f*cking too long. Society tells us that our worth comes from how we look. When you start / run a business, you deal with a whole lot of sh*t but somehow the worry of how you look still creeps up. I see it all the time on Facebook groups. Women not wanting to show their face, worrying about what they wear and how they show up on social media or anywhere.

I know because I used to freak out about what I was ‘allowed’ to wear, like if I could wear jeans (like WTF?), if I had to always wear heels, my size, and whether or not someone was going to be mean to me in the comments about my appereance. This type of sh*t kept holding me back from showing up. And that’s the problem. We need to stop worrying about how we show up and just start showing the f*ck up!

Wear jeans, wear sweats, wear suits, wear dresses, wear makeup, wear no makeup, wear sneakers, wear whatever you want. Let’s stop worrying about how we look and just start working.

Doing it all (perfectly)

I mean, let’s get real for a second – I have a feeling that Superman was kind of bad at his job (his reporter job) because he was always flying off. So I don’t know how Superwomen turned out to have to be able to do it all herself perfectly. First off, you are already a super woman but you do NOT have to do it all to feel that way. Do what you can, focus on what you are best at and then hire out or delegate work to others.

And if you are on your own, stop worrying about whether you have all your sh*t together. If someone judges you for having dishes in the sink, tell them to wash them or to get out cause you’re busy running a business.

We also have to stop worrying about doing everything PERFECTLY! That is never going to happen. So fail, suck at something, have a typo, forget the words, I don’t know, but stop worrying about getting everything right the first time and getting everything perfect all the time. Just do it! And be damn proud of yourself for doing it.

What others will think

This for sure isn’t only for women, but we do need to stop worrying about what others will think of whatever we do. You’re a business woman, you’re awesome, you’re killling it, f*ck everything else. If someone had a problem with that, then that is their problem, not yours. Worry about your clients, your products and delivering quality work, but aside from that, stop worrying about what anyone else thinks. This is your life. 

Miscellanius sh*t to stop worrying about

Cursing, speaking up, being loud, being quiet, beauty standards, being silly, making jokes, how your hair looks, how hairy you are, whether you wear pink or not, what your aesthetic is, your voice, if you have an accent, whether you’re single or not, who you love, if people will judge you for making tiktok dance videos. {add whatever b.s. you’re worrying about here}

Well those are the top 3 things you need to stop worrying about as a female entrepreneur. Focus on delivering quality goods or services & being the badass boss you are!

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