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If you’ve been considering the DIVI theme for your WordPress website, then this post is definitely for you! Now, as always, I’d like to say that when it comes to how/what you use to build your website, it’s important that it’s a choice you feel comfortable with + contains the functionality needed to support your unique business. That said, I personally use the DIVI theme for all my WordPress clients and here are the Top 4 reasons you should choose the DIVI theme for your website as well!

affiliate disclosure: please note there are affiliate links within this post. If you choose to purchase from a link I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. thank you for your support!

1.Easy to use, front-end Drag-and-drop visual builder

DIVI’s main crowning glory is that it has a super easy to use, front-end drag-and-drop builder. Front-end means you’ll be making the changes directly on the page you’re working on so you can see the changes as they happen. Drag and drop means that you are essentially just picking up a ‘module’ and dragging it with your mouse to the place you want it and then dropping it in place.

Really this makes for an incredibly intuitive builder that’s user-friendly. The majority of the changes can be made without knowing any code. So it’s actually great for the self-proclaimed ‘not tech-savvy’ individuals.

2.Great support

Even as a web designer, I still have questions and DIVI’s support is top notch. You can ask as many questions as you’d like and questions are answered within 24hrs. Obviously, sometimes you do have a bit of back and forth but DIVI has since made that easier with its newest support update. You can now grant the team direct access via a support code. This makes solving your issues much faster.

What I love too, is that if you want certain looks or changes that you may not know how to make, often times the DIVI support team will give you the code you need to make the change you want.

There’s also a support forum you can find on the website!

3.Always being updated

The DIVI theme is always being updated! Now, for some this may seem like a learning curve that never ends. BUT, these updates are always being made to save you time, allow for more customization + fix any glitches or increase speed times. They’re always available to you as well for FREE!

I’m not gonna lie, I get excited for every new update email 🙂

4.Cost effective

Although this theme is a premium theme, it actually comes at a fairly reasonable price. The theme is only $80/yr or $249 for lifetime access! It also comes with 2 free plugins, Bloom + Monarch (for email opt-ins and social media follows) and the Extra theme (more for bloggers).


There are a ton more reasons like time saving pre-made layouts, saving layouts for other pages, global items and so much more! These are the top 4 reasons to choose divi for your website. Although I love DIVI, I’d still highly recommend testing it out on there website:! Then choose it if it feels like it’ll fit the unique needs of you + your business. 

LEAVE A COMMENT! What’s the top reason you choose a theme? 


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