Top 5 Chrome Extensions You Need To Be Using As A Designer

Here are the top 5 chrome extensions you need to be using as a designer. I use these at least a couple times a week and have saved so much time. Since these are Chrome extensions, you will need to be using Google Chrome in order to use them. All of these can help you in some way whether it’s finding colors, fonts or screengrabbing the whole page. So hope this list is helpful!

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go full page

Go Full Page Chrome Extension allows you to screenshot the entire page in one go and download the image in a pdf or png format. This is perfect for designers, especially web designers! I use this all the time, especially when I’m done with a client site and I want to grab screenshots for my portfolio or for launch graphics. Before I found this, I used to screenshot different sections and stitch them together but this chrome extension saves me a ton of time!

Check it out here!

What font – find font

What Font Chrome Extension allows you to see what fonts are used on any website. It’ll show all the name of the font when you hover over it. However, it doesn’t work when you have a font inside of an image. But this is really useful if you’re trying to find the name of a specific font you love or want to try out for yourself or for a client. 

Check it out here!

Color Pick Eyedropper

Color Pick Eyedropper Chrome Extension allows you to know the hex codes for any color used on a website or image. You use the eyedropper and hover over the color you’d like to grab and it picks the closet color to it. This is perfect if you want a specific color that you’ve seen from a website or want to pull colors from an image. 

Check it out here!

Squarespace id finder

Squarespace ID Finder Chrome Extension allows you to easily pull the section or module id on a Squarespace site. This is helpful if you need to add code to a specific section. It pulls up all the info so you can add it to the Squarespace code advanced code blocks and make changes accordingly. Super helpful & time saving!

Check it out here!

WordPress theme detector & plugin detector

WordPress Theme Detector & Plugin Detector Chrome Extension allows you to know what WordPress theme and plugins are being used within a specific website. This is helpful if you are trying to find what other websites are using and if there’s a specific plugin that could help with your website. This only works on WordPress sites and won’t provide any information for any other website platform. 

Check it out here!

Again these are the top 5 chrome extensions you need to be using as a designer. I use them all the time and are great resources to have in the toolbox. If you have any more you love, please comment and share below!

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