Where To Find Professional Squarespace Designers

Finding a web designer that not only produces quality work but also works with the platform you need can be difficult at times. If you are looking for a professional Squarespace designer, then you’ve come to the right place because today, I wanted to help you out and share some tips on where to find professional Squarespace designers. P.S. If you aren’t sure about what to ask a designer before investing or if you aren’t sure whether it’s time for you to invest, check out my free guides in the digital library that covers both those topics.

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1. Directories

Directories are a great place to start because they list off a people or companies that do what you’re looking for – in this Squarespace web designer (& potentially developers). A quick a Google search will bring up some great results but I thought I’d also take a moment to share a few of my favorites.

Dragonfly Ave Directory: Yes, I have a directory, in case you didn’t know. Hopefully I’ll be expanding it soon but for now we have a small, hand selected list of different types of creatives including Squarespace designers. You can check it out here!

ILoveCreatives: Ilovecreatives not only has a large creative directory with some really sick people but they also offer Squarespace design services, templates, & courses. You can check it out here.

Be Aligned Web Design Directory: Be Aligned is a design studio that also has a directory with a lot of professional Squarespace designers. You can check out the list here.

January Made Creative Directory: January Made is a design studio & offers a creative directory with a mix of creative professionals including Squarespace designers. You can check it out here.

Squarespace Experts: Squarespace has a list of Squarespace experts that design for their platform. Check it out here!


2. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other creatives but also find some great collaborators & designers. If you’re new to Facebook groups or haven’t spent much time with them, start by searching Squarespace specific groups, design groups & other business groups.

Most groups typically allow you to post about your hiring needs but always check the group guidelines prior to posting. When you post, just make sure you’re being specific so you can find your best fit. In this case, I’d suggest being clear about needing a Squarespace web designer. If you already have a budget, timeline, etc. share that information as well. It’ll help narrow down the list to people who can fit those parameters.

3. Your Favorite Squarespace sites

If you have favorite Squarespace websites that you’ve seen and align with your vision, scroll down to the footer. Typically there will be a line that says, ‘ Designed by ____’ or ‘Site Credit’. Those typically link back or at leave give the name of the company who designed the website.

If site credit wasn’t available on the website footer, feel free to reach out to the company itself and ask for a recommendation. If they’re willing to, you’ll have a name and potentially some feedback on whether or not they enjoyed working with said designer.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great resource for finding some amazing talent. Since it’s primarily a visual platform, a lot of designers & creatives use it to showcase their work. Yes, it’s not only for finding the perfect DIY & recipe. It’s a great tool to find designers. Go to the search bar and search ‘ Squarespace Designers’ or ‘Squarespace Designs’. You’ll find a lot of different design pins that you can click through and lead to fellow designers.

Again, these are just a few ways & places where to find professional Squarespace designers. Some other quick options would be Google, Instagram, Behance, Dribbble & even here (yes, I’m a Squarespace designer as well). Just make sure that you’re taking the time to research, connect & make sure the vibe is right with your designer. Hope this helps!

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